January 15, 2024

A Study in Form: The Long-Necked Vase

Introduction to My Elegance

This ceramic vase is a piece where I’ve expressed the timeless beauty of asymmetry and simplicity. As I crafted it, the elongated neck took on a life of its own, stretching upwards like a slender column reaching for the heavens. I wanted the surface to draw the eye, to encourage exploration of its subtle hues and delicate shifts in tone.

My Silhouette

I designed the vase to present a balance between the robust base and the fine, tapering neck. This proportion play was intentional, to create a visual rhythm that lends the piece an organic yet poised character. The silhouette I chose suggests growth and ascension and is meant to be a compelling focal point in any setting.

Palette and Texture

I chose a muted gray glaze for its ability to carry whispers of lavender and soft earth tones that reveal themselves under scrutiny. The surface, which I smoothed with my own hands, retains the gentle marks of my tools, offering a tangible connection to my creative process. I’ve observed how light interacts with the glaze, accentuating its contours and showcasing the depth of the color palette.

In My Hands

In the photograph where the vase is cradled in my hands, I wanted to capture the intimate bond between creator and creation. The stillness of the piece contrasts with the potential life it holds — it’s a creation charged with my energy and intention.

The Aperture

From the top view, I give a glimpse into the vessel’s interior, where the glaze settles into a slightly darker pool, suggesting an inviting depth. It represents an

openness to possibility, a space to be filled not only with flora but also with the imagination of anyone who interacts with it.

My Foundation

The bottom of the vase, a rarely seen aspect, carries my personal mark — a stamp of authenticity and a symbol of the dedication I have to my craft. It stands as a quiet yet powerful testament to the uniqueness of this work of art, an individual expression captured within the clay.

Through this long-necked vase, I aim to weave a narrative of form, color, and texture. It stands as a testament to my dialogue with the material and a sculpture that commands both attention and introspection. In its presence, I see a reflection of the earth from which its clay was taken, and through its form, a continuous conversation with the space around us.

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